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Camping in Himachal Pradesh

Stone Age Is Famous For Camping. It Is Situated In Barot Valley, Himachal Pradesh. It Provides Camping Amenities Like: Heated Water With Covered Bathroom, Nightly Campfire Run By Camping Manager, Barbeque, Grills ( Marinated Material Chargeable), Charging Station, Combined Dining Area, Parking Facilities, Fresh Water Live Trout Fish Storage, Fresh Running Spring Water, It Is Situated 40 Km From Joginder Nagar And 66 Km From Mandi, The District Headquarters. The Road To Barot Branches Off At Joginder Nagar-Mandi High Ways And From Jogindernagar The Distance Is 40 Km. It Is Sometimes Possible To Use The Funicular Trolley From Jogindernagar Which Reduces The Distance To 12 Km. The Road Route Includes Terraced Fields And Thick Cedar Forests, Rising To Jhatingri At The Hilltop.

The Remains Of The Summer Palace Of The Former Rulers Of Mandi Are Located Here.Through The Little Village Of Tikkan, The Road Carries On To Barot. The Town Has A Range Of Outdoor Activities, Including A Trout Breeding Centre From Where Fish Are Released Into The UHLl. A 30 Km Section Of The River Is Used For Angling. Barot also forms the gateway to the Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary which lies across the Uhl. The sanctuary is home to the monal, black bear and ghoral. Within it are forest rest house s at Thaltuckhod and Silbandhwari. Through woods of cedar and pine a trek route cuts across the sanctuary to Kullu. The closest railway station is at Jogindernagar, terminus of the narrow gauge railway line connecting Jogindernagar to Pathankot. The line is operated by Northern Railways, a division of Indian Railways.